I design and deliver startup education programmes, focusing on practical education and peer-support approaches.

I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, but my work often takes me to London, where I lived for 10 years, and around Africa.

You can contact me at smile@saintsal.com and stay in touch by getting my posts and essays by email.

Are you really a saint?

No, but I try to be helpful. If you're wondering about the "Saint" in the SaintSal moniker, you might need a little more Andy Garcia in your life.

Startup Education

I've designed curricula and taught at some of the world's best-regarded universities, like Oxford and UCL, and with some diverse accelerator programmes. From the top names like Seedcamp, and pushed startup education into new areas with Creative Accelerator and ClimateKIC Recently, I ran The Africa Prize for The Royal Academy Of Engineering, which brings hard tech like nanotechnology water filters to African markets.

Organisations I've Started

I'm the founder of Leancamp, which has run in 15 cities and is now spreading to all continents. It brought Lean Startup to Europe in 2010, and connected it globally to Business Model Generation and User Experience Design.

I started Founder Centric, known for it's no-nonsense approach to improving startup education in Europe.

Also, Village Accelerator, rethinking technology accelerators for aspiring entrepreneurs from the poorest communities in the world. We've started with the Roma people in Eastern Europe.


To get a sense of how I can help, here are a few guides I've researched and written:


For a sense of my worldview and mission, here are the more salient essays I've written: I blog and write all over the web. You can subscribe to my writing via email.

Tools I've Created