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Salim is an entrepreneur, educator and writer. He is the founder of Source Institute which develops peer-to-peer education - methods that help people learn what's relevant in fast-changing contexts. Source's programmes include: Leancamp, Village Accelerator, The Africa Prize and The Sources, spanning African tech, entrepreneurship in economically-isolated communities and Lean Startup.

Salim started building companies as a teenager in Canada, later a few IT service providers, an ecommerce startup, then an international marketing agency. By age 24, he was in London, where he started Leancamp, a knowledge-sharing community which has grown to 30 cities on 4 continents, and Founder Centric, a boutique workshop design agency for Europe's top accelerators and universites.

Salim has designed startup education programmes for world-class organisations like Seedcamp and The Royal Academy Of Engineering, and for 3 of the world's top 10 universities.


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