The internet is so old! We're so bored of it, we even spell it lowercase now. But it still changes lives.

I like being part of that, empowering people by showing them how to use the internet to make the world better for themselves. Not just the code, but the social and commercial systems too. How to build products, startups and communities. I do that for a range of European startup accelerators, but also in less likely places, like Roma communities, creatives and in Africa.

I help startup founders, focusing on practical education and peer-support approaches.

I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, and work mainly in London. You can contact me at and stay in touch by getting my posts and essays by email.

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Writing, Guides & Books

Find my writing on my blog, Medium, the Founder-Centric blog, Help Me Write, and other fine outlets. Or just get everything via email.

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