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Rhythm - the missing foundation in startup support

Consider the benefits of customer contact, growth hacking or forming habits – all require a regular rhythm. The value comes from frequency and repetition.

Mastering the craft of entrepreneurship

You may have heard of Jiro Ono. For those of you who haven’t, Jiro is one of the best sushi chefs in Japan. It is considered one of the greatest honours to w...


Seems we’re getting rusty with technique, instead letting ourselves get caught up in process and tools.

Can Creatives be accelerated?

The accelerator world is diffusing into niches, led by programme directors who challenge the conventional accelerator business model. One that’s really pushi...

Time for a buzzword diet?

I’ve been swimming drowning in buzzwords for a while, being into startups and all.

Cure jargon in 30 seconds.

Too many great ideas get buried by their own jargon.

Essential Customer Development skills - Softball, Anchor and Deflection questions

Customer Development might be a process, but conversation is a skill.   Particularly, getting the information you want depends on your skill in controlling t...

Founder-centric workshop notes /by @maxua

Lately, I’ve been doing one-day workshops, based on the Foundation Skills day at Founder-Centric, with different accelerators around Europe. The goal of this...

A Visual Language For Finance Patterns

You don’t need numbers to understand many important dynamics in accounting.

Why Lean Thinking Doesn't Just Hand You Answers

Lean Thinking is a key foundation of Lean Startup, and there’s something at its core which makes it stand out but also leads to a lot of misunderstanding.