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The History Of Lean Startup

Lean Startup is full of competing thought-leaders and consultants, so I wrote this post to help you make sense of it all.

Why startups are so different for The Next Billion

Note: I’m heading to Kenya next month to teach promising engineers how to make a startup out of their technology. I need your help to meet local business ro...

Village Accelerator - the story so far

Ten months ago, I shared an idea – what if, as the Internet arrives in developing economies around the world, we could empower local people to be tech founde...

Why I found Sofia great for startups

Originally posted at, and based on my talk at Eleven’s Demo Day.

No more hubs: startup community is P2P

Startup capitals are an out-dated concept.

Ecosystems grow around stumps

When I started Leancamp in London in 2009, I had this problem.

Expanding through partnerships

Bulgarian startups, like those in many other European countries, continually face a problem: growing beyond our local markets.

Accelerator Design - 5 Questions That Define Success

The accelerator business is moving fast, and everyone is figuring it out as we go. Accelerators are quickly becoming more diverse, the contexts accelerators ...

Two accelerator design approaches I admire

I’ve worked with 20 accelerators over the last year and I’ve noticed two approaches I admire, Just Do It and Challenge The Model. Just Do It, then Iterate (J...

Small town advantages for startups

We often don’t think of small towns as advantageous for starting up. Big startup cities offer peer support, team-building and investment opportunities.

A startup accelerator for the world’s poorest

There’s an opportunity emerging that I’m compelled to explore, and I’ve written about it on Medium.

Can Creatives be accelerated?

The accelerator world is diffusing into niches, led by programme directors who challenge the conventional accelerator business model. One that’s really pushi...

Bulgarian Optimism?

Originally posted on in Bulgarian.

Why innovation is alive and well: Peter Thiel vs the Science Fiction masters.

* This is a significantly more tongue-in-cheek rewrite of this post, after I read The Founders Fund Manifesto which seems to have kicked off all this ballyho...

Time for a buzzword diet?

I’ve been swimming drowning in buzzwords for a while, being into startups and all.

Cure jargon in 30 seconds.

Too many great ideas get buried by their own jargon.

Why you don't need to be a programmer to start a tech startup

A lot of would-be founders with ideas and passion allow themselves to be paralysed, waiting for a tech co-founder. Yet, seasoned tech founders know the harde...

How we get a Leancamp started. Runway, Affordable Loss and MVPs in the event business.

As part of our support program for up-and-coming Leancamp organisers, we’ll be sharing our lessons learned from past events. Leancamp, like most startups and...

What can Google Campus teach us about Paul Graham's perspective on startup hubs?

With the launch of Google Campus in London, I think there’s a chance to observe and potentially take away practical, repeatable lessons for nurturing startup...

For us, by us. Lessons learned from validating the Leancamp model.

Since the first Leancamp, it’s been clear it built community.  The problem has been that it is more expensive than a Barcamp, so the sponsorship model has be...

Investing in community

Community pays off in a structured ways, if you know how to invest and what can be gained.

If it can't scale, can it spread?

Since the beginning of Leancamp, I’ve been looking for a way to make the unconference model financially-independent – with the goal of synthesizing its commu...

What can stop Lean Startup from becoming dogma?

There’s a conversation unfolding about the future of Lean Startup on RoundTables, andPatrick Vlaskovits pointed out: Lean Startup needs to avoid becoming dog...

Where your sphere of control meets your potential

If you’ve ever pitched an investor, you know they love trends and growth markets. The cliched question, “is this a billion dollar business?” has merit.You wa...

Everything Is A Remix. Inspiring videos about building on previous innovation. #leanstartup

Great weekend watching, not just for content businesses or creative types. Feels a bit like a modern version of The Manual by the KLF. It also got me thinki...

A Leancamp including Architecture, Fashion and Science? Leancamp Barcelona Mission

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”367” caption=”SaintSal in Barcelona - Homage to Desigual!”] UPDATE: The Leancamp Barcelona waiting list has opened...

Social Enterprise meets Lean Startup - Comments on London Meetup 1

If you missed the first London meetup, it was a fast-paced discussion covering a lot of topics, including social enterprise and getting started. I cover and ...

Reboot Britain or Reinvent Britain?

I had a clear purpose at the Reboot Britain conference.  I’ve recently started collaborating with Dave Woods & Dan Thompson, founders of Your Party, and ...