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I'm an entrepreneur and educator.

I've designed startup education programmes for the likes of UCL, Oxford, Seedcamp, Creative Accelerator, and the Africa Prize For Engineering.

Looking back on my life, I really think I'll be proud of Source Institute which develops peer-to-peer education that stays relevant in our fast-changing world. Our programmes include: Leancamp, Village Accelerator and The Sources to name a few.

Some people know me for starting Founder Centric, which designed startup workshops for Europe's accelerators and universities. And back in the day, I co-founded 5 tech companies - IT service providers, ecommerce and digital advertising. Lots of lessons learned, and a bit of money - which lead to more lessons learned! :)

You can contact me at and stay in touch by getting my newsletter, where I occasionally share my experience and research on startup community building, humanitech, open/hacker culture, and privacy.

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